I conduct Mental Health Assessments in order to support an employee to perform their work role and suggest reasonable adjustments which can help individuals remain well at work or recover so they feel able to return . 

The mental health assessment is also accompanied by practical therapeutic interventions and regular case management if appropriate. 

Benefits of Occupational Mental Health 
• Opportunity to conduct a detailed discussion with the individual regarding their health situation, it provides an up-to-date information and can identify if the individual is accessing relevant NHS/Private services suitable to them. 

 • Speeds up the recovery process and helps to reduce the length of time the worker is absent from their role. 

 • Can identify other barriers to employment, such as medical issues, physical, cognitive, social, financial, psychological and emotional issues that may arise and need to be addressed.  
• Saves the employer money on lost work days and can minimise sickness absence management costs. 

• Gives clear guidance on how to support employees 

 • Sends a positive message about the employer’s management and support of Mental Health 

• Achieve reasonable adjustments under The Equalities Act 2010 

Assessment charges vary due to reporting requirements. Please do contact for a quote.

 I can also provide therapeutic 1:1 interventions for your employees in blocks of 50 minute sessions and mindfulness/relaxation and stress management group sessions should you wish to add a suite of wellness interventions to your organisation.